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HAPPY VETERANS DAY from everyone at The Printed Image! Thankyou for all you’ve done and continue to do for our nation!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN from everyone here at The Printed Image! We hope everyone has an awesome and safe spooky night!

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Color! We’re loving these color choices for an upcoming print job we’re working on. Our suppliers are top notch with endless garment color options. Call us or stop by today to see how we can help you print your (colorful) image!

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Timeline Photos
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We are proud sponsors (And Printers) of these Marigold ElementaryJogathon 2019 shirts! Are you in need of quality apparel and printing for your event? We've got you covered with a huge selection of garments and print options!

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It’s almost time to hit the slopes. And now you can celebrate the upcoming ski season with these great Sierra Nevada Skiesta trucker hats and shirts! All embroidery, printing and design layout done here in house. Go grab em while they’re hot!

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Check out these great samples we just got in from our suppliers. We’re gearing up for some awesome new products for our 2020 Catalog! Be sure to keep an eye out for new products and designs as we get closer to the new year!

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Trout Bandana

Love the colors in this Trout Bandana from our Nature Facts Collection. Get yours at

What is a high resolution image?

To guarantee the highest quality screen printing, it is best to use a high resolution image. Do you know what a high resolution image is? This article below does a great job at explaining it in detail.