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“Slava Ukraini”, translated to “Glory to Ukraine”, is the national salute of Ukraine. A symbol of sovereignty and resistance which has gained worldwide attention since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February.

In an attempt to provide what relief we can to the people of Ukraine, these original shirts are available for sale on our website or in the shop. They cost $20. Every dollar of your purchase will be going to World Central Kitchen a fantastic non-profit organization serving meals and delivering food to people in crisis around the globe. They have served 16 million meals and delivered 8 million pounds of food to Ukraine in the last 4 months.

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Are you ready for this years Sierra Nevada Beer Camp?

2019 Beer Camp champions Camp Sasquatch sure are, and they'll be flying this righteous tie-dye flag all weekend.

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Our fearless leader meeting Johnny Knoxville and Wee-Man after the release of "Jackass: The Movie" which released way back in 2000.

Jackass came about as a joint between the original series "Wild Boys" and Big Brother Skateboard Magazine. Now 22 years later the fourth installment, "Jackass Forever", was released earlier this year.

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There are two kinds of people in this world my friend…

Those who have visited Coyote Corner and those who haven’t. Have you??

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Happy Earth Day everyone!

In honor of Earth Day, here is a story that is 100% true, scout’s honor.

While hiking the South Rim Trail in Upper Bidwell Park last weekend I noticed something on the trail ahead of us and bent down to pick it up, thinking it was maybe a wrapper or some other garbage that escaped from someones pocket. Upon further inspection, it turned out to be a folded up bandana. Not just any bandana but the “SHARKS” bandana that we print! “Printed Image” right there, plain as day.

Astounded by this coincidence, I threw it in my pocket. We asked the next few groups of hikers if they had lost it but no one had. Since we were hiking all the way out to the T. Ford crossing, we stopped running into other hikers shortly after this discovery.

This is a great lesson in one of the key principles of Leave No Trace; Secure and Dispose of Waste Properly. Now, this beautifully crafted and collectible SHARKS bandana is certainly not waste in the same sense that a granola bar wrapper is but to the flora and fauna of Upper Park it might as well be a Larabar wrapper glistening in the sun. Of course accidents happen, but it’s up to all of us to make sure that everything we pack in, comes back out with us.

Today is the perfect day to learn more about how you can enjoy the great outdoors and make sure it continues to be great for those who come after you.
Check out Leave No Trace for more.

If you lost a sharks bandana let us know.
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Spring Jam is happening April 30th at Patrick Ranch Museum.

You can head over to CHICO SPRING JAM hosted by BLUE SKY Festivals and Events to learn more about the event and buy your tickets at the link below!
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Trout Bandana

Love the colors in this Trout Bandana from our Nature Facts Collection. Get yours at

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