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Good Grades

Here are pictures from yesterday. Looking at these I wish I had taken some shots of them working. It was pretty impressive with all the equipment driving around and the gravel trucks coming in one after another. After only two days of grading it’s looking very different. IMG_2882 IMG_2883 IMG_2884 IMG_2887 IMG_2889

Break Room and Patio

Hoped we had figured out why our blog posting connection to FB is only posting one picture, but apparently not. Here’s the pic of the break room. The big open area in the left will be the covered patio. IMG_2798

Break Room Framed

It’s been almost 10 days since I posted anything on the construction, but that doesn’t mean it’s been quiet. At the beginning of the week, they had finished sheeting the north wall and the framing of the break room, restrooms, and covered patio was completed. IMG_2797IMG_2798

North Wall

Starting work on the north wall this morning. That insulation is six inches thick. Twice what’s normal for a warehouse. IMG_2787